"Limited edition prints are a simple and beautiful way to add beauty and energy to a space."

30 Years in the Making

It is noteworthy that for the first time in 30 years the seminal photographic art of Kofi Allen will be available directly to the public as Limited Edition Prints.

Especially relevant is the fact that Allen’s inimitable style has produced iconic images for 3 decades. The work has exhibited in galleries around the world since the 1990’s including the Royal Academy of Arts, London.  Additionally, the prolific composition, ‘Desree’, can be seen at the National Portrait Gallery, London.

Allen is also noteworthy for his directional images for leading global lifestyle brands. In addition, his signature style encompasing textured layers and bold symbolism is evident in all available images which are showcased in various galleries.

The various galleries showcase a signature style that encompasses textured layers and bold symbolism. Another unique feature of Allen’s art is the vitality and energy that the images add to a respective space.

Collectable & Affordable Art

Special significance should be given to the fact that many of the limited edition images have never before been shared.

Homes | Businesses | Public Spaces

While the photographic art of Kofi Allen has to date hung in gallery spaces, they are in fact also very suitable for displaying in homes, business and public spaces.
Due to their bold compositions and layers of hidden symbolism, each image will certainly prove a conversational piece.

Limited Edition Prints will finally be available directly from www.kofiallen.com – Coming Soon.

Stay Informed

Finally, to stay informed of the upcoming launch of Kofi Allen Limited Edition Prints please leave your details below. We will notifiy you when our shop launches.

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