Burnt To A Crisp – A Poem for Grenfell

Not Singed, not smoked out,
but Burnt to a Crisp

While families slept, an inferno did blaze like a thief in the dark.. Were it not for spirit of Ramadan the few that escaped would also be dead. In Sha-Allah, we give praises

Burnt to a Crisp

Charcoal, Carbon, Dust; 24 hours later and still smoke bellowing from a building still ablaze. The caucus remains of what was once considered as homes, that were there to serve and protect over 900 inhabitants, including families, children, elders.. Up till now the list of the victims are still unknown.

Burnt to a crisp

Only the ghost on the many limbo’s souls remain. Hauntingly the diverse communities somehow galvanised their efforts, their voices, and their actions, in disbelief they did all they could if only they knew how to numb their collective pains.. Burnt to a crisp We Hear cries for Justice, and yes, what about this cladding, they knew about it and did nothing.. Sprinklers, was just not considered, as a means tested philosophy for the arrogance of those so called Land-Lords, who seem to have forgotten they really are not our gods, as they themselves will now need to seek redemption for their part in this fraudulent disastrous act of terror-ism.

Burnt to a crisp

15 minutes, that’s all it took to engulf an entire 24 storey building, turning it from a brutal construction of a tower block for the under privileged, into a ravenous angry, deadly inferno. Burnt to a crisp Exploding fridge, no sprinklers, Exploding gas pipes positioned throughout the escape stairway, fire hydrant could only reach past the 11th floor, while neighbours stood by powerless, as they witnessed babies being thrown from windows, surprisingly some actually made it, but for the sad and unfortunate other that did not, who will now protect and server them, where is the justice..

Burnt to a crisp

Residents complaints after complaints, simply ignored, instructions to remain inside, was the final seal for many, who followed these instructions, and paid the price with their life!

Burnt to a crisp

Gone is the myth, that social cleansing was never real, that the conservatives never had a hand into this deal, or is it just the standard politics, where he lesser do not deserve to inhabit where the wealthy wants to be. I mean a cladding of extreme toxicity, was conveniently added for cosmetics vanity, not to protect those poor souls who have died, but to appease those whose desire were to worship superficiality, at the price of what they already knew about from as early at 1984..

Burnt to a crisp

On the eve of the Conservative having to hand over power to the Labour party, Having never lost the Power hold of The Royal Borough Of Kensington and Chelsea before.. It’s all a little too strange that an inferno such as this just so happen to have ignited, with such rigour, and dire consequences. As the mixed race survivor clearly stated, even he cannot rule out foul play, after he way the residence have been treated previously. With a £10m refurbishment, yet a simple elevator was never fixed, which would have cost less than a brand new Mercedes..

Burnt to a crisp

What would I do to find the One who is to blame, be it the councillors, the landlords, the politicians, and now appointed judges.. What’s that I hear you say. ISIS did it?? Now you lot are trying to take the Piss!

Written by Kofi Allen

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